About Ko Juice

Ko means sugarcane in Hawaiian.

Ko juice is a new and exciting juice company focused on introducing the idea that a product can be both tasty and healthy for consumers. Our core product is sugarcane juice, which is both sweet in taste and great for your health. Sugarcane juice has a list of health benefits which contain carbohydrates, antioxidants, electrolytes, calcium, zinc, iron, alkaline, proteins, phosphorus, and potassium. At Ko Juice, we stress the importance of freshness, which is why our juice is made to order and pressed right in front of our customers using special rollers having enough pressure to extract the juice from the hard exterior of the sugarcane, to ensure the retention of key nutrients that may be lost during the bottling process for most other juices. The simplicity of our concept makes us stand out from the rest because our juices cover all categories of beverages such as fruit, tea, smoothie, coffee, and even vegetable. 





We are looking for hard working individuals who would like to join us on our journey to make sugarcane delicious and nutritious. Email your resume and work availability at drinkkojuice@gmail.com.





If you have questions or concerns about franchising, please go ahead and email drinkkojuice@gmail.com.

Be sweet, not salty.